Augmentative - Alternative Communication


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AAC Road Trip to Fluency
The goal of AAC intervention is to provide the services, systems, and supports that result in the most effective communication possible for the individual being served. People who rely on AAC are on a journey that is taking them from the village of First Words to their destination, the City of Fluency.


Blissymbolics Communication International
Blissymbolics is a symbolic, graphical language that is currently composed of over 3,000 symbols. Bliss-characters can be combined and recombined in endless ways to create new symbols. Bliss-words can be sequenced to form many types of sentences, and express many grammatical capabilities. Simple shapes are used to keep the symbols easy and fast to draw.


Dasher Project
An information-efficient text-entry interface, driven by natural continuous pointing gestures. Dasher is a competitive text-entry system wherever a full-size keyboard cannot be used.


Symbol for Windows
Software designed to support communication, learning, rehabilitation etc. with the help of symbol languages. Symbol for Windows applications can be used in combination with one or more Symbol for Windows databases, among others: PCS, Bliss, Beta and Pictogram. Instant English
Instant English is language tutoring software based on years of research on how the brain learns language. It utilises the right brain to wire up the new language centers. The CD program uses icon sentences and text-to-speech. See a demo on the website.


ISAAC - International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication
ISAAC supports and encourages the best possible communication methods for people who find communication difficult. It has groups of members in 14 countries.


Makaton Vocabulary Development Project
Can you imagine what it would be like if you couldn't understand speech? How would you cope?


Twenty-five years ago there was no way to read, write or type signed languages, but now, with the invention of our new writing system SignWriting, and the development of the SignWriter Computer Program, the world's signed languages are becoming written (and typed) languages.


Symbol World
Symbolworld has been set up to provide a web site with material suitable for symbol readers of all ages. The internet is an important medium which many people really like to use. Sadly there is very little material that is appropriate or accessible by people with learning difficulties. - Software Solutions for Special Needs
Products designed to develop literacy using pictures, symbols and words, particularly for learners who have a measure of difficulty in developing traditional orthographic skills.




Non-English Augmentative and Alternative Communication


Papunet - sivusto puhevammaisuudesta ja selkokielest
Papunet - palveluverkko puhevammaisuudesta ja selkokielest.