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Matt Trueman: Compliments on your beautiful and comprehensive site! With the complexity and history interwoven into many of the world's symbols, I have the feeling that, while "a picture's worth a thousand words", a symbol may be worth even more.

Ann Kelley: What a great reference site this is! As an artist and art teacher I found it really inspirational and plan to base some lessons on this material. Thanks.

Brian Larkin: I used this website for my school project and got an A! Thanks!!

Donald Mattox: I just found this site and already I can tell that I will be able to find all the info I need on this subject.Thanks for making this site available and keep up the good work.

Bertie: Symbols.Net is one of the most interesting and entertaining sites on the Net. Accolades to all concerned.

Brian K. Webb: I just had to drop you a note- Has anyone told you that you're doing an AWESOME job here??!!! I have looked for so long for someone that shared my interest in this field. Your work here is not only a wonderful and generous gift to all people- it is also remarkable in its content, beautiful in its design, and glorious in its scope. Thank you so very much for all your efforts in keeping these fantastic examples of the complex human spirit alive for all to see and enjoy. To my heros at Brian Webb- Buffalo WY.

Heidi: This is an awesome page. It gave me a lot of new information that I couldn't find anywhere else. Thanks!


Tom Gilb - Kolbotn, Norway: Thanks for your biography(of Charles K. Bliss) I found on the web. I corresponded with CKB, gave symbolic financial support, and he sent me his books. I have adopted some of his ideas in a systems engineering language Plangauge ( and respect his memory as you do!

Jack: Your site is most interesting, but the guestbook translation into Dutch is awful!

Carrie Shepperd: great web page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tracy: awesome

Diane: I love this page. It's my new favorite page.

metalprowler: great effort containing large variety of symbols. makes a good reference site that deserves to be visited more than once.
Ai na vendui.

jill: Hey, great site

Tom: Cool! I never thought there were so many kinds of symbols.

lizzy: Cool site, I didn't know that there were so many types of different symbols out there! Liz

Amber: Do you have political symbols?

tricia endsley: It's extremely hard to get any help from anyone like myself, since It is so hard to trust any one. So, I just wanted to let you know that this site is most excellent. THANK YOU, Tricia

Natasha: I like your site a lot but I need symbols other than your own.

Jo: Your site has been really helpful for me on more than one occasion -- thanks!!

MAx Heitman: Cool site and all, but have u ever thought of having a list of "internet" symbols such as (ALT+789) or (ALT+3211)? I think it would be a cool adition to your site(i know i would more often!!

Kittyona: Hey,great sight! It helps me on everything from homework, to interpreting my dreams,Thanks for creating this sight,its a life saver!

anonymous: fab sight!!!!!!!

Kayla & Alysia: Love it

Larry: You really have worked hard to improve this sight. Congratulations. Wish you continued success.

Ross: 1. It was difficult to find the e-mail address from the front of the home page. A hot link there would be most useful. 2. I have downloaded the blissymbolics62 font. It works to a fair degree in my environment (we run Linux here) and I intend to fill in the gaps. I will keep you posted and, if you don't mind, will pop what I have done on the web. I will e-mail you when done so you may either link to it or retrieve it for your site. The font looks good except I would prefer the space bar to work. I modified my edition so that the space bar gives me a double space (same as pushing "o" twice, i.e. width=4270). I find this quite useful. If you want, I can e-mail you back the change, just let me know. Regards, Ross

Chris: This is a great site, has a lot of interesting stuff on it. Keep up the good work!