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Blissymbolics Dictionary: Holidays
Anniversary, birthday, halloween, holiday, midsummer, new year's day, Remembrance Day, Sabbath, thanksgiving, valentine's day, christmas, easter, good friday, Chanukah, evening of sabbath, Jerusalem Day.



Symbol of Christmas - Star of Bethlehem
The Christmas Star involves symbols. Symbols are very importance in our lives. We live with and use them all the time. Words on printed pages are symbols, and so are spoken ones.

Symbols and Traditions of Christmas
How did the symbols of the Christmas holiday originate? They come from a rich variety of cultural icons throughout history.

Christmas Symbols
Frankincense, Myrrh, Dreams, Snow, Candy Cane, Ivy, Mistletoe, Stars, Candles, Holly, Bells, Red, Green, Christmas trees, Wisemen.



Annie's Easter Symbols and Their Meanings Page
Is Easter really about cute bunnies and colored eggs? Is it a simple innocent holiday? The TRUTH is so important!

Easter Symbols - Bible Resource Center
What do the symbols of Easter mean? What do they have to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ?

Easter Symbols and Food -
Among the popular Easter symbols, the lamb is by far the most significant of this great feast. The Easter lamb, representing Christ, with the flag of victory, may be seen in pictures and images in the homes of every central and eastern European family.

Easter Symbols and Traditions -
A brief history of the spring holiday's celebrations.

Symbolism of Spring -
An old superstition said to wear something new on Easter. A new garment worn on this day would bring good luck through the coming year. The birds would punish those who wore old attire by dropping decorations on them from the air.

Symbols of Easter
As Christianity spread, more familiar traditions, symbols and celebrations of spring were associated with Easter - Christ coming back to life after death. One of the oldest spring symbols in the world is the egg.

(PDF) - Food Symbols of Easter
Easter originated from a Northern hemisphere pagan celebration known as Eastre.

Symbolism of the Ukrainian Easter Egg
Ukrainian Easter eggs embody a myriad of symbolism: the symbolism of the egg itself, the symbolism of design and the symbolism of color.



Kwanzaa - The History Channel
Kwanzaa is a non-religious African American holiday which celebrates family, community, and culture. It is celebrated for seven days: December 26 - January 1.

Symbols of Kwanzaa
Kwanzaa has seven basic symbols and two supplemental ones. Each represents values and concepts reflective of African culture and contributive to community building and reinforcement.


Saint Patrick's Day

Annie's St. Patrick's Day Symbols Page
There are many symbols connected with St. Patrick's Day. Just some of them are the shamrock, the rainbow, the pot of gold, goblins, elves and leprechauns.

Saint Patrick's Day Symbols
The Shamrock, Leprechauns, The Color Green, The Harp, The Celtic Cross, The Blarney Stone.


Valentine's Day

Celtic Love Symbols
The Claddagh - an Irish symbol of love, The Luckenbooth- a Scottish symbol of love, The Welsh Lovespoon, Lovespoon Symbols & Meanings, Celtic Crosses.

Symbols Dictionary: Love -
A collection of the various symbols and signs associated with love.

Symbols of Love from Near and Far
Although Cupid, hearts and roses are undeniably the most commonly used images in American Valentines, they are far from being the only love icons.

Valentine Coloring Pages
Ivy Joy's Valentine coloring book for kids. These are Valentine print and color pages. Be sure to visit the coloring sheet search engine.