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Symbols of US Government: Figures of Justice
One of the most recognized legal symbols is that of Justice. Justice is most commonly portrayed in the U.S. as a blindfolded woman carrying a sword and a set of scales.

Comparing the Archetypal Characters and Symbols of Justice in World Mythology
Many people believe that past civilizations have disparate views on justice, but this is not the case. In fact, the archetypal characters and symbols of justice in world mythology reveal that ancient cultures share remarkably similar philosophies of what humans believe is just.

Symbols of Justice - (PDF)
The foundations of justice are that no one shall suffer wrong; then, that the public good be promoted.

Lady Justice
The personification of justice balancing the scales of truth and fairness dates back to the Goddess Maat, and later Isis, of ancient Egypt.

Issue in Depth from JUSTICE BLIND?
At many times in history, Justitia simply wears no blindfold and stares forward. In other depictions, her eyes can be seen beneath or through wide spaces in a blindfold.

Justice by Hans Krumper
Hans Krumper was the pupil of Netherlandish artist Hubert Gerhard who was trained in Italy. Web Gallery of Art, a searchable image collection and database of European paintings and sculptures (1150-1800).

Themis, Goddess of Justice
A common representation of Justice is a blind-folded woman holding a set of scales. The origin of the Goddess of Justice goes back to antiquity. She was referred to as Ma'at by the ancient Egyptians and was often depicted carrying a sword with an ostrich feather in her hair (but no scales) to symbolize truth and justice.

Images of the Goddess of Justice
Various images of the Goddess of Justice, blindfolded and holding a set of scales (Blind Justice).

Justice with Wings
The ornate ceilings in the Parliament Building hail from the gold rush days in Victoria.

Photo of statue Justice - Dublin, Ireland
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Contemplation of Justice
The statue "Contemplation of Justice" (James Earle Fraser, sculptor) on the north side of the Supreme Court's entrance (Photograph by Lois Long).
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