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Great Seal
Great Seal


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National Numismatic Collection - Smithsonian Institution
One of the largest numismatic collections in the world and the largest in North America. Located in the National Museum of American History, Behring Center, the NNC includes approximately 1.6 million objects.


Animation Library - Money symbols
2 cents, Austrian money, Bag of cash, Boy with piggie bank, Bull market, Canadian coin, Coin spins, Coins drop, Credit card, Dime spins, Dollar dances, Dollar twisted, George Washington, Piggie bank.


Money Symbol Clip Art
Free Money Symbol Clipart for your personal or professional use.


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Comprehensive online dictionary of the Blissymbolics Language.


Calgary Coin Galary
Collector coins of the ancient, medieval and modern world, including Greek, Roman, Chinese, Islamic, European, and Canadian.


Chi-Rho Ancient Coins
Viewing and purchasing ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins.


Currency Sign -
Internationally, ISO 4217 codes are used instead of currency signs, though currency signs may be in common use in their respective countries. Most currencies in the world have no specific symbol.


Jewish Symbols in the American one dollar bill?
If you take a one dollar bill out of your pocket and look at the back at the Eagle, the stars above the Eagle's head are in the six point Star of David to honor Jews. If you turn the Eagle upside down you will see a configuration in the likeness of a Menorah.


Unicode/ISO 10646 World Currency Symbols
There is some disagreement amongst typographers about the pound/punt and lira symbols. The Pound/Punt symbol is a stylised, cursive "L" with one or two horizontal cross-strokes.


(PDF) Symbols on American Money
Well illustrated essay based on a lecture given by Stephen L. Goldsmith at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia.


RatesFX - Currency symbols, names and codes
A list of currency names, codes, signs and symbols. Argentine peso, Australian dollar, Bahamian dollar, Bahraini dinar, Bangladesh taka, Botswanan pula, Brazilian real, British pound, Brunei dollar, Bulgarian lev, Canadian dollar, Chilean peso, and many more.


Symbolic Messengers
Astronomical Symbols on Ancient and Medieval Coins.


XE - World Currency Symbols
Independently ranked as the world's favorite free Internet currency tools and services.


Surely, money is a most esoteric thing, though we take it so for granted. Its mysteries veiled in high places, how many of us realize it to be only symbolic. Symbolic of actual, physical capital flows in reverse. Goods flow one way, money the other.

With mundane perception, we say to ourselves, "I must save more of my money" or "I don't have enough money to do that", as if we were lacking in some material, physical commodity, without which we can do nothing.

But, as an owner (whatever that means) of land, it would be absurd of me to claim I have no money for lumber or firewood, since I have tons of it on the land in the form of trees. If I were to say I can't "afford" a lot of firewood, I would really be saying I prefer living trees on my land than ashes in the wood stove. That preference might change if I were freezing in winter.

When a resource-rich nation "can't" repair infrastructure due to lack of money, that "lack" of money is a mere lack of symbols in someone's head, symbols in the head of a politician or a central banker. The physical reality is the existence of the needed resource on public land. And if the resource is plentiful on public land, can we not requisition the needed symbols (money) from the central bank, debt free? If a nation has little resource-rich public land, has it not sold its birthright, and perhaps already lost its sovereignty? Possession is nine tenths of the law!

What if a foreign banker says he has promissory notes on our coal mines. Does that mean we have no coal? No. But we must decide whether to trump him with our army. I have a property deed to my land which denies a neighboring farmer from "stealing" firewood from my land, but that deed is mere paper, mere symbol of my power. Power to prosecute is somewhat more real. The reality only fully arrives if the local sheriff will answer my call to action against the farmer.

Oh how symbols rule our lives! But also rule others for us. Better to be us than them if the army respects the symbols we manipulate or worship. Woe to us if an enemy with an army bigger than ours ignores our symbol system. And how foolish are we who confuse symbols and things!