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New categories of symbols added in 2012:
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New categories of symbols were added in 2011:
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General Information about the Site

These websites contain significant original content produced by Symbols.Net and also many pages that merely provide links to the websites of others who are not affiliated with Symbols.Net.

For example, the Blissymbolics category contains a very large amount of original material. Of course the Blissymbolics language itself was created by Charles K. Bliss about 60 years ago.

The Symbols.Net Playing Cards were invented by me in 1993.

Here's an interpretation of the Symbols.Net Logo which is for sale on mugs and tee shirts.

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An asterisk at the end of a link* means the link may be broken, the webmaster of Symbols.Net has tried the link and it failed to return the desired webpage. Since usually a link is broken only temporarily while a site is busy or down for maintainance, broken links are tested for at least a few days before removal.