Healing with Symbols


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Plants of the Bible, Symbols, Parables and Healing
Jesus talked about lilies, figs, thistles, bitter herbs, grapes, hyssop and other plants in the Bible. They symbolize God's mercy, bounty and judgment; they illustrate Jesus' message of physical and spiritual healing.


A (sharp) look at Reiki Symbols
Symbols are merely a kind of trigger. They do not carry power in themselves.


Healing Symbols and Visualization
These symbols are not merely physical shapes; they are universal symbols that correspond to universal patterns of energy. There is, in each symbol, an essence linked to the shape.


Christian Healing Ministries - Blessed Elements
Because God is invisible and we humans are helped to think about God when we see, touch, or hear (music) something that reminds us of God's attributes (such as "beauty"), God has been gracious enough to use certain material elements as channels of healing when we use them wisely.


Dolphins - Metaphysics and Healing
The use of "dolphin therapy" to help autistic or mentally handicapped children improve their learning abilities has won increasing acceptance among psychologists in recent years.