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Japanese Mythology
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Japanese Tiger and Dragon
The tiger and dragon are ancient symbols of yin and yang, forces that combine to make up the universe.

Ghosts, Demons and Spirits in Japanese Lore
Belief in ghosts, demons and spirits has been deep-rooted in Japanese folklore throughout history. It is entwined with mythology and superstition derived from Japanese Shinto, as well as Buddhism and Taoism brought to Japan from China and India.

Japanese Mythological Symbols
The Moon and the Cuckoo (Tsuki), The Maple Tree and the Stag (Momiji), The Willow Tree and the Swallow (Yanagi), The Pine Tree and the Crane (Matsu), Bamboo and the Crane (Tsuru), Bamboo and the Tiger (Tora), The Plum Tree and the Nightingale (Oumai), The Peach Tree and the Oxen (Momo).
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Japanese Visual Language - (PDF)
Over the past two decades, manga has exploded in readership beyond Japan, and its style has captured the interest of young artists all over. But, what exactly are the properties of this "style" beyond the surface of big eyes and "backward" reading?

Japanese map symbols - wikipedia.org
This is a list of symbols appearing on Japanese maps. These symbols are called chizukigou in the Japanese language.
Japanese typographic symbols   

Symbolism and Nature
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Japanese Symbols and Fonts
Japanese Symbols, Calligraphy and fonts online, from most famous wisdom words and signs to Japanese characters and alphabet.

Non-verbal symbolism and imagery is a very important part of many Anime, Manga, and videogame (especially shoujo and bishoujo) works. Why artists choose to use this color, or that animal, or have this event, or use that item, or what it all means. Categories: Elements, Time, Plants, Flowers, Beauty, Idolism, Childhood and Youth, Animals, Items and Objects, Other Realms and Dimensions, Magic, Colors, Love and Friendship, Moons and Stars, Good and Evil, Music and Dance, Eyes and Hair, Clothing and Personality, Juxtaposition.



50 Popular Japanese Kanji - about.com
Kanji might be hard to learn, but it is also a fun part of the Japanese language. Here is 50 Popular Kanji Part 1.

Japanese name translation
Over 2,000 names professionally translated into Japanese kanji symbols.

Kanji Networks
Etymologies of kanji, Chinese characters as used in Japan.

Kanji SITE - A guide for students of Japanese Kanji
A detailed guide to hundreds of kanji, pictograms of Chinese origin, as used in modern Japanese. Ideal for those studying for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test in December. Works even with non-Japanese-capable browsers.

Omniglot: Japanese kanji
Between 5,000 and 10,000 Chinese characters, or kanji, are used in written Japanese.