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When people think of crop circles they immediately think of UFOs.  Crop circles themselves have been appearing since ancient times, however, and the earliest record of them in Academic texts dates from the late 17th century.  Whatever is the cause of this interesting and strange phenomenon, one thing is clear: the designs of crop circles are intricate and unique, and often quite beautiful in their own way.


More than 200 different designs have been noted in the fields around England and the rest of the world.  The different circle shapes and designs often encompass straight lines, complex glyphs, and dazzling circle combinations.  They’ve been found in just about every type of field, including wheat, barley, corn, rye, and rice paddies.  There isn’t a lot known about the various signs, but many are similar to designs found in ancient cultures all over the world.


The Fruit of Life


This symbol is composed of 13 different circles.  There are 6 circle arms that branch out from one main circle in the middle.  The Fruit of Life is thought to be the blueprint for the universe, and many think it resembles an atom.  Within it you can see the geometric base for the delineation of Metatron’s Cube.  The circles are considered nodes, and each of these nodes is connected to the others through a straight line, which makes a total of 78 lines in the Fruit of Life. 


The Tree of Life


This symbol derives from another symbol, the Flower of Life.  It’s been seen in many crop circle formations, but it also has meaning for many different people.  Various theologies and philosophies throughout history have claimed the symbol, including Christians, Jews, and even pagans.  Within the Kabbalah the symbol is considered to be the map of creation, and many think this symbol represents the Three of Life found in Genesis.


The Seed of Life


Another crop circle symbol that is seen quite frequently is the Seed of Life.  Very large examples were found outside of Devils Arrows in the UK in 2003.  The symbol is very similar to Omphalos, a circular dome-shaped stone that was found at ancient sites like Delphi.  It is a kind of axis mundi, and symbolizes the center of the world.  The shape is formed from 7 circles that are placed with sixfold symmetry.  This forms a pattern of circles and lenses, which makes up the basis of the design.  The Seed of Life has been found in many different religions, including Christianity and Judaism. 


The Egg of Life


Composed of 7 circles, and taken from the design of the Flower of Life, the Egg of Life is thought to be the shape of an embryo in the first hours after creation.  The symbol is one of the most common of all crop circles, and has been seen regularly in the UK for years.


Borromean Rings


These ring shapes are another very common crop circle seen around the UK, and they are very similar to the Triquetra, or Tripod of Life, seen in various ancient cultures and religions.  They look like three rings and are formed from the Vesica Piscis geometric shape by placing the third circle’s center point at the intersection of the other two circles.  This makes them look welded together at that point.  Many cultures think of this symbol as representing the sky, moon, or even fate.


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There is truly an astounding phenomena unfolding in England and elsewhere in the world. Its very unfortunate that the unscientific thinking, and perhaps deliberate disinformation, of a few individuals have been picked up and accepted by a naive press world-wide. As a result millions of people have been deprived of the opportunity to experience a consciousness expanding phenomena. It is our civilisations loss; but fortunately the apparently successful attempt to ridicule or "debunk" crop circles will do nothing to stop what may be a major transformation ahead for humanity - Alan Holt, Project manager for NASA.


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