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iConji is a free pictographic communication system based on an open, visual vocabulary of characters with built-in translations for most major languages.

iConji. Connecting the world
iConji is a new, fun way to communicate with friends just across town ... and around the world.

IConji Fan Page | Facebook
iConji Social is a fun, new way to add color, meaning, and humor to your Facebook Wall, Tweets, and email. Choose from more than 1200 characters (pictographs) to communicate instead of words, the meaning of each is already translated for you into Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Spanish, or Swahili!

Have you heard about iConji?
Could this be as big as Twitter or FaceBook? Hard to predict this early in the game, but it just might be. It runs on all major browsers, as well as all the Apple smart-phones. Attempts at creating a new and universal language have been ongoing for hundreds of years, and most have failed. Esperanto and Bliss are the rare exceptions.

Over the Sun - Innovations
Over the Sun is the creator of iConji, a means by which people from all linquistic, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds may communicate in a digital world. iConji introduces a new kind of local, national, and global communication which is both easy to learn and fun to use!

iConji - spOOk's art.  Blog
iConji is a nacient pictorial language inspired by the way that TXTing is essentially becoming symbolic LOL, ROTFLMAO CU L8R. It looks like a modern rebirth of Egyptian.

Samples of iConji Messages:

Hello, how you feel?

I want to taste heavenly fast food in the morning.