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Eskaya Script
The mysterious and undeciphered scripts of the Philippines.

Vietnamese Writing System
An Introduction to the Vietnamese Writing System, including Chu Nom.

Languages and Scripts of India
Kashmiri, Hindi, Urdu, Assamese, Punjabi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, Konkani, Kannada, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu.

Undeciphered writing systems - wikipedia.org
The difficulty in deciphering these systems can arise from a lack of known language descendants or from the languages being entirely isolated, from insufficient examples of text having been found...
Writing system    List of writing systems    Logogram   

Early civilizations and the Development of Writing Systems in the World
The Sumerians developed a form of pictographic writing that used word pictures like bird, fish, ox or grain etc., around 4000 - 3500 BC. In 3000 BC, it developed into a cursive form of cuneiform style of writing which was a wedge shaped linear impression on clay tablets.

Phoenician "Alphabet": A Historical Deception*
This article summarizes the strong evidence against the "Phoenician Deception," and proves that the greatest discovery in the history of civilization is Greek.

Writing Systems of the World - OzIdeas
No country is locked into its orthography, any more than it should be locked into any other aspect of its history. Sometimes liberation is possible in practice as well as in theory, as shown in other pages linked to this.
Chinese logographic writing   

African Writing Systems
Writing Systems are components of knowledge systems. By definition, they are philosophical because they assist in synthesizing ideas, thoughts, and deeds through the use of signs, symbols or other pictorial renderings.

Examples of Different Orthographies
Buginese, Cambodian, Mongolian, Russian, Korean.

Omniglot - a guide to written language
A handy online reference to over 160 alphabets, syllabaries and other writing systems.
Abjads - Consonant alphabets    A-Z index    Semanto-phonetic writing systems   

Ancient Mesoamerican Writing
Mesoamerican culture as expressed in precolumbian writing systems, inscriptions and codices, with links to related sites and other resources.

Sumerian Language Page
In Sumerian, one can see that phonetically simple words correspond to early, basic concepts and phonetically complex words correspond to later, culturally advanced concepts. When the proto-Sumerians began inventing their language, they started with vowel-only words and quickly progressed to three different phonetic structures involving consonants, namely: vowel-consonant; consonant-vowel; and vowel-consonant-vowel.

Four Essential Travel Phrases
The four ESSENTIAL travel phrases, translated into hundreds of languages using their native scripts.

Evolution of Alphabets
Animated Representations: Cuneiform, Phoenician, Greek, Arabic, Square Aramaic/Hebrew, Cyrillic, Latin.

WALS - Chapter 141: Writing Systems
The linguistic structure of different writing systems.

Numbers in Various Writing Systems
Chinese, Japanese, Cherokee, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Thai, Burmese, Arabic, Aramaic, Greek, Russian, Verdurian, Fali, Chinantec, Korean, ASL.