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Cartographic Symbology - The Atlas of Canada
Maps are complex tools for visualizing and communicating scaled-down geospatial data, and graphic symbology is their language of communication.

Map Symbol Legend
Since a map is a reduced representation of the real world, map symbols are used to represent real objects. Without symbols, we wouldn't have maps.

Topographic Map Symbols -
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(PDF) - Topographic Map Symbols
A topographic map shows more than contours. The map includes symbols that represent such features as streets, buildings, streams, etc.

Japanese map symbols -
This is a list of symbols appearing on Japanese maps. These symbols are called chizukigou in the Japanese language.
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Topographic Map Symbols - USGS
A topographic map shows more than contours. The map includes symbols that represent such features as streets, buildings, streams, and vegetation. These symbols are constantly refined to better relate to the features they represent, improve the appearance or readability of the map, or reduce production cost.

USGS Map Symbology
A complete listing of USGS Topographic Map symbols. There may be slight variations on older maps and editions that will differ from what is presented here, but these represent the current list available from the USGS.

Guide to USGS Topographic Map Symbols
USGS topographic maps use dozens of symbols to convey geographic features. Following is a complete listing of symbols and their meanings.

Map Symbols & Patterns for NPS Maps
The standard cartographic symbols and patterns used on National Park Service maps.

Topographic Maps -
Topographic maps use symbols to represent natural and human constructed features found in the environment. The symbols used to represent features can be of three types: points, lines, and polygons.

Map Symbols
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.
London Key Map Symbols, UK Key Map Symbols.

Manual of Traffic Signs
A comprehensive listing of the most commonly used traffic signs in the United States.

Key to Topographic Map Symbols
Control Data and Monuments, Boundaries, Land Survey Systems, Roads and Related Features, Buildings and Related Features, Railroads and Related Features, Transmission Lines and Pipelines, Contours, Mines and Caves, Surface Features, Vegetation, Marine Shoreline, Coastal Features, Bathymetric Features, Rivers, Lakes and Canals, Glaciers and Permanent Snowfields, Submerged Areas and Bogs.

Orienteering Clue Symbols
Although clues are always written out in English (or the local language) for beginners' courses, clues for intermediate and advanced courses are given as symbols in a table format.
Orienteering Map Symbols   


Military Map Symbols

Basic Military Map Symbols
Antiaircraft Artillery, Armored Command, Army Air Forces, Artillery - except Antiaircraft and Coast Artillery, Cavalry - Horse, Cavalry - Mechanized, Chemical Warfare Service, Coast Artillery, Engineers, Infantry, Medical Corps, Ordnance Department, Quartermaster Corps, Signal Corps, and more.

Military Map Symbols
Squad, Section, Platoon, Company or Battery, Battalion or Squadron, Regiment or Air Group, Brigade, Division or Wing, Amphibian Tractor, Antiaircraft, Defense Battalion, Engineer, Field Artilery, Infantry, and more.

Military Map Symbol TrueType Fonts
MapSymbs - NATO APP-6 military map marking symbols as TrueType Fonts, and other military resources.