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The Pictobet Font
Download this font for writing messages in Pictobabble. contains:
The Semantic Alphabet Font
Download this font for writing emails and webpages in Semantic Alphabet. contains:
BlissMatch Image Files
These are the images used in BlissMatch. includes:
  • 36.ttf, Semant37.TTF, semant38.ttf, semant39.ttf, semant40.ttf, semant41.ttf, semant42.ttf, semant43.ttf, semant44.ttf, semant45.ttf, semant46.ttf.
  • 001.ttf thru 014.ttf (updated versions of Semant37.TTF thru semant46.ttf).
  • dragdropbliss.ttf & dragdropbliss2.ttf (used for BlissMove and simpleBLISS)
  • Babel1.TTF -- For displaying the Pictobabel language.
  • Bliss41.TTF -- last updated on 3-12-1998.
  • Bliss51.TTF -- last updated on 02-01-2003 -- for use with CorelDraw Type Assist, coreldrw.tpa -- last updated on 02-19-2003,
    wordlist.html -- last updated on 02-21-2003.
  • blissymbolics62.TTF -- last updated on 12-17-2002.

    Download Information

    Most of you don't need "". The fonts are embedded automatically by the website if you are using explorer 4 or higher. This is intended mainly for software developers who may find some of the files useful in their projects.

    The fonts which have proved most useful for blissymbolics are "Semant37.TTF" through "Semant46.ttf". "001.ttf" through "014.ttf" are updated versions of Semant37 through semant46 which don't use the extended characters, but rather, put all the symbols into the standard ascii characters.

    Bliss41, Bliss51 and blissymbolics62 use special spacing techniques which only work well in certain word processor applications such as CorelDRAW and WordPad.

    Bliss51.TTF works with 'CorelDRAW Type Assist' to automatically replace english with blissymbols! Typing symbols is quite effortless. If you have CorelDRAW, you can put the file 'coreldrw.tpa' into the following folder: 'CorelGraphics8Custom'. You may first wish to save a copy of the existing "coreldrw.tpa" file to another folder. After installing the file, open CorelDRAW, click 'Text' - 'Writing Tools' - Type Assist' and check the box that says 'Replace text while typing', then click OK. Then try typing the following words: knowledge please home soon teach learned happiness life excitement. There are more words programmed into the file and many more can be. The included file 'wordlist.html' provides the current list of symbols programmed into 'coreldrw.tpa' with the exact spelling needed to make it work.



    I, George F. Sutton make the following available under the GNU Public Licence:
    blissymbolics62.ttf, Bliss51.ttf, Bliss41.ttf, Semant37.ttf thru semant46.ttf, 001.ttf thru 014.ttf, coreldrw.tpa.