Introduction, the Science of Ascension, Mem, Meme

01 - 01 - 10     September 17, 2011
We enter a New Age.
Or would the upcoming 11-11-11 be a better reference point?
It would tie in nicely with Calleman's Mayan Calendar interpretations:
October 28: the end of the calendar, + 13 standard days = midnight 11-10-11 :-)


For those who now see it, we enter our true "First House" or "Alpha Beth".

For most, nothing of consequence will be noticeable, Just as 2012 or any other predicted ultimate moment will not occur noticeably. I like 1-1-10 because it looks digital and feels symmetric.

So for now at least, 1-1-10 is my 1-1-1, or new beginning.
Few realize the profundity of the new beginning we are in the midst of:

Science as we knew it is gone, and going to heights unimaginable.
Religion as we knew it is dead, as We go to heights unimaginable.
Both to be replaced by a new hybrid discipline.
A New Renaisance will dwarf the first.

During the next 2 to 3 thousand years,
material prosperity & spiritual harvesting will co-exist
like parallel dimensions overlaid on the same space.

Then.........................a Bifurcation:
(this author is unsure of this eventual bifurcation)
One Earth will spin up as the Other Earth spins down,
barely noticeable at first,
since the lower draws energy from the higher.

But as the bifurcation proceeds,
and the umbilical between dimensions stretches
like an overextended and narrowing wormhole,
those in the lower Earth will feel their world winding down,
not knowing that much of humanity was transferred to the higher dimensional Earth.
Then they will spiral into Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire (wheel of life) for thousands more years,
before climbing back up, perhaps with help from us, and achieving what we get @ this time.

As of tommorrow, 1-1-1 in my opinion, the church age has ended and christianity is no longer the official religion of the age or the empire. Now, all religions are dead. Any new one will be fake because this begins the time of scientific ascension, which means the journey will be by technique rather than blind faith in a tribal deity, though it will actually be a spiritual journey which eventually abandons virtually all complicated technology.
(this author is unsure of this eventual rejection of technology)
Those left behind will be those who "join" the technology, instead of merely using it to assist their ascent.

Though ascension will come by technique,
no one will pass through fire without purification.
It will not be mere technique, for the techniques will lead to fully developed ethical consciousness.
Also, there are ethical beings already traversing the Ladder (Jacob's) which, in effect, wield flaming swords.
Today we would call them directed energy weapons.
But that last sentence presumes technology is not rejected further up the Ladder.
No one is anyone else!

Yes, ascension becomes available when someone goes before us opening a door, so to speak. But don't think even one rung of the ladder will be achieved unearned. Not one. And don't imagine only one rung lies ahead. As you ascend each rung, you may feel a hand extended down to lighten your load. But it is your feet on the rungs and no one else's. This crazy belief in the western world of religion, that all is done for us, has left many a ship-wrecked soul wasting countless lifetimes repeating the same grade of the cosmic school. Not even yet kindergarten.

Christianity lost its soul long ago when it forgot what we must be saved from. We want to be saved from the forced revolutions of the wheel of life, into a higher and better state of being where incarnations are voluntary and never a trap. I have to laugh when an unsaved christian offers salvation to me. They deny reincarnation, the very thing they should seek to escape by first admitting the fact of their situation. Deny all you want, you're coming back until such time as you can climb Jacob's Ladder unscathed. The next time they offer you salvation by simple instant formula, you might reply:

"Oh I would like that very much, but would you first please demonstrate your ability to climb the Ladder to the Heavens?.. and then come back here and offer me your fine gift? And Can you pat little Leviathan on the head and command him? Or will he bite your friggen hand off?"

Yes there will always be new religions for those who can't yet go where we are in fact going. What is not known, at least by this author, is the precise nature of our "ascent". Will we become droplets of pure conscious energy floating weightlessly in an Oceanic Cosmic Dream, or will we prefer solid bodies and continue to manipulate matter using artificial tools? I honestly can't say at this point. But ascending, we are, like it or not. Some going consciously, others merely dragged along. Those who go consciously will earn the ability to come and go consciously. Those dragged, will continue to be dragged around the wheel (of Life) until they become at least pre-conscious, and willing to TRY to climb.

We must all now do the work of developing our own ascension techniques and/or technologies, taking full responsibility for what we will be.

Any who go down a dead end will come back again and again until a successful technique is used. Decades or entire lifetimes may be wasted. I may be wasting mine right now. So be careful who you follow. In any case, we must all eventually begin to lead, ourselves at least.
My path is picto-phonetic visual-language:
creating my own Yantra/Mantra/tantra system for perceiving reality in a new way.
Is it the right way for all?
I can only speak for myself.
My path requires decades before knowing the results.

Would you like to be a Guinea Pig with me?.....

The roman alphabet, being stored in Broca's area of the brain, unable to relate to the whole brain or the body, is hopelessly tied to the Dualism of our Whorld: left-right, up-down, in-out, subject-object, surface-depth, thus preventing a "Deathless Ascension". For only in a state of unity can ascension be accomplished. Westerners can't even think about the issue rationally, free of the scientific/religious schism. They think of "literal unity" because their thinking is literary, unable to conceive of another kind of unity, E pluribus unum, unity without loss of self. The unity of a HoloGram which "seems" to have parts. An Oceanic God where every drop of rain is a Self.

The UnExplained Mysteries

The original Pictobabble Language was created in 1993 to assist the effort of delving deeply into difficult, mysterious ideas which resist solution because of the dialectic schism of left-brain-limited mind. The "picto-phonetic" letters of Pictobabble can assemble Yantras which are then pronouncable Mantras for deepening and sustaining contemplation. While a Yantra likely relates mainly to the right/east hemisphere, and a Mantra involves the left/west hemisphere, the picto-phonetic letters help to integrate left & right, west & east. That is the hope. Using more of your brain. Theoretically, though this is speculation on my part, as an aspirant approaches 100% brain use, full Ascension occurs. I heard recently of a species of animal which sleeps half of its brain at a time. hmmm.

So the "reincarnation" image above can be simplified into the following Yantra/Mantra:

mem MeM

Denial leads to forgetting, loss of MeM ory of our real past, or rather the fact that we each have a past. Is the long tunnel to the light of an NDE actually the inside view of an umbilical cord?,,, or a birth canal? Is memory lost when a long delay separates incarnations on the timeline? Or when necessary to provide a fresher start next time around, a fresh, clean break from the past so the soul can try something new? There is a reason each of us is born at a different starting point in life. We start where we left off, even if we forget consciously.

meem Meme

Two drops of Water (2 Selves) relating, thus creating meaning.

hmmm hmmm

Drops of Water running off a roof.

This Mantra/Yantra fascinates because the pronunciation of "hmmm" is just breathing with a closed mouth.

sem Sem

There's something very special about water. My spiritual birth 29 years ago gave me an amazing perception for awhile.

That Water IS Spirit descending to us!
Water in Sem inates the ground, bringing new life.

Further, Spirit being poured out on all flesh in this new Age after 1-1-1(0), is symbolized as Water poured out of a bowl by the Water Bearer, a Son-of-Man. The sign of the Water Bearer enters our skies.

Now, you may have noticed that the Sem glyph is spelled with an S, not one of the original Pictobabble Glyphs for the sound S. This is because I have seen it to be appropriate to now bring in the roman glyphs into this Yantra/Mantra system whenever a roman letter is well shaped for expressing the intended meaning visually, and/or the sound of the roman letter provides a pronounciation for a glyph that "feels" right. The roman type-face tends to block pictographic visioning/associations, especially letters like R or N, but letters like O or S, and others seem very fruitful for visual expressions. And letters can be stretched a little as long as they remain recognizable. They must connect to ancient associations in our minds, ancient in a personal sense of our own history/education.

So let's refer to the original Pictobabble from 16 years ago, which is limited to its 48 picto-phonetic letters and very strict rules about sound assignments and not modifying shapes even slightly as:
And this new more flexible use of Pictobabble as:

Now one more thing before we move on... I mentioned it can take decades before results on this path to ascension may accrue. This is because learning a new alphabet seems to be far more time consumming than learning a new spoken language. The glyphs of an alphabet seem to be so deeply imbedded into our brains that change there is very resisted. It's only now after 16 years of using the Pictobet (pictobabble alphabet) as a shorthand for virtually every little note I ever write to myself, even shopping lists for getting groceries, that the Pictobet feels now like it is finally getting imbedded into my brain in a way that can even begin to compete with my previous encoding system (alphabet).

So now, finally, I can move to this new phase of the project, which involves translating all thoughts and feelings of the inner dialog to this new visually/verbally integrated picto-phonetic perception of reality which hopefully will touch the whole Brain/Body system. And this phase of the project, I can report, is indeed opening some new perceptions which would not likely come from an ordinary (roman-alphabetic) book. Happy Sailing the Cosmic Sea!