Celtic Symbols


Celtic Symbols


Little is known about the ancient and mysterious Celts, and one of the only things we have surviving of theirs are the symbols they used.  Nearly everyone the world over can recognize a Celtic cross or knot, but few know what they mean.


Thankfully the mysteries that surround the Celts don’t surround their ancient symbols, and you can easily learn what they all mean.  Whether you’re interested to learn about a cross, knot, or spiral, knowing what each Celtic symbol means will give you a more meaningful understanding of these people and what they believed.

  • The Triquetra:  Originally referred to as simply a ‘triangle,’ the triquetra is now more aptly called a three-cornered shape.  While the symbol was found in insular art and even showed up in the Book of Kells, it was almost never seen by itself alone in the medieval Celtic language.  This has made experts doubt that it was ever heavily used by the Celts, but that hasn’t stopped many people today from looking on it fondly.

  • Celtic Cross:  Associated with Celtic Christianity, the Celtic cross is in fact much older and was around long before Jesus.  These symbols could be seen standing large on hills or in shaded forests, or even hanging about the neck of a Celtic priest.  If the cross was standing, they were called a high cross or an Irish Cross.  In fact, in Ireland there is a special story behind the Celtic cross which involves St. Patrick actually introducing the symbol to the country.

  • Single Spiral:  One of the most common symbols of Celtic culture, the single spiral stood for the radiance of ethereal or cosmic energy.  Still, not everyone today is concerned with that, and most who wear this symbol do so because of its other aspects of birth, growth, perseverance, and knowledge.  It truly is a great symbol for those wanting to move forward.

  •  Triple Spiral:  Also called a triskele, the Celtic triple spiral is still found at several Megalithic and Neolithic sites.  The symbol is thought to be so old that it may predate the Celts entirely.  Whatever its origins, many people around the world consider it a symbol of great beauty and mystery.

  • Celtic Knot:  These seemingly endless knots are widely recognized today, but many people don’t know that they have their earliest beginning in Celtic culture.  One of the most adapted symbols that translated over into Celtic Christianity, the knots were used heavily on monuments as well as manuscripts, such as the 8th century Lindisfarne Gospels and Book of Kells.  Still, no religious or spiritual significance has ever been attached to the knots.

  • The Triskelion:  This symbol represented progress and completion, and was very prominent in Celtic culture.  Looking like a wheel with three spokes sticking out, the triskelion is supposed to represent actions, cycles, and revolutions or competition.

  • Circular Knots:  While the Celtic knot looked endless, the circular knots actually are.  They are meant to represent infinity or even eternity. The idea of lasting forever was very appealing, and still is to millions, and that’s why this design is still seen in the world today. 


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