Middle Eastern Symbols

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Decoding Iraq's symbols of celebration
There was rich symbolism in the way Iraqis celebrated the fall of Baghdad - some hurled shoes while others brandished small clay discs. What do these actions and symbols represent?

Mesopotamia and Technology
The Beginning Of The Agricultural Era. Our earliest ancestors began satisfying their needs by developing more and more new technology. Hunters gradually became farmers. To prepare the ground for planting, the farmers designed the sickle, the hoe, and the plow. The Agricultural Era was about to begin.

Religious Belief and Violence in the Middle East
The world press continually ignores or does not see the elephant in the room. In every war and every violent conflict in the Middle East, resides a prime reason as to why these brutal conflicts occur.

Symbols From The Middle East and Their Meaning
Introduce yourself to the story behind the familiar images that came to us from the Middle East.

Images of Ancient Iran
Slide Show: Farvahar, Aunahita Iranian Goddess of Water, Sumptuous golden drinking cup from the Achaemenian period, The tomb of Cyrus II at Pasardadae, A view over the ruins of persepolis from the tomb of Artaxerxes II, Steps leading to the eastern portico of the Apadana of Perseplois, Dusk over Persepolis, and more.