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Esperanto is a language introduced in 1887 by Dr. L.L. Zamenhof after years of development. He proposed Esperanto as a second language that would allow people who speak different native languages to communicate, yet at the same time retain their own languages and cultural identities.

International Auxiliary Languages
International Auxiliary Languages (IALs) are languages constructed with the aim of facilitating communication between people who would otherwise have no other language in common.

The Master Language
A Latin-Based International Auxiliary Language.

Speak geek: The world of made-up language
The world of invented language is a difficult place to succeed and those who have the patience to create their own tend to have a hard time gathering followers.

Toki Pona - the simple language of good
Toki Pona is a cute, simple language that sheds insight on the universal way of life.

Desa Chat - An Outline of The World Language
The name Desa Chat is the English language title of Dejeru Sapuho, the World Language. Desa Chat is a syllabic language in which every syllable consists of a single consonant followed by one or other of five vowels. There is a total of 105 syllables.