Webmaster's Reading List


None of us stand still in our views and perceptions of our existence, and we each find our own ways to explore possible transformation. One of the significant influences on what I may become in the future is the list of books I am currently reading and digesting. Since, like most of you, I must spend most of my waking hours earning a living, I usually spend little time on focused, concentrated reading of any written work. For the most part, my reading involves evaluating websites for inclusion at my own websites, and my writing is usually limited to editing webpages.


But occasionally a book will so capture my attention that I feel I must not only read every word of it, but that I must thoroughly digest its worldview before I can move on.


Here are the books that are currently in this must read category for me:


The Final Theory: Rethinking Our Scientific Legacy
The Final Theory rewinds back to Newton's time and progresses forward, exposing the many elementary flaws and unquestioned assumptions that have led to the numerous disjoint and problematic theories that plague today's science. Along the way a single overlooked physical principle is introduced and shown to have been present all along but misrepresented as 'energy'. This new principle is applied to all known observations and experiments, resulting in a new scientific paradigm that replaces today's collection of troubled theories, removing all the abstractions, mysteries and paradoxes.
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The Alphabet Versus the Goddess
In the bestselling book, The Alphabet Versus The Goddess, Leonard Shlain proposes that the invention of writing, particularly alphabetic writing, rewired the brains of the people who learned how to communicate using this culture-changing tool. Great benefits to society followed. However, a precipitous decline in feminine values manifested by women's status, goddess veneration, nature, and representative art occurred in tandem.
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Here are some books that were once in this must read category for me:


Stalking the Wild Pendulum : On the Mechanics of Consciousness
A truly classic book in the field of consciousness that's lots of fun to read! Packed with cartoons, graphs, and diagrams, this book entertains as it educates. Scientific theories and experimental results are presented in plain English that clearly show how different realities are actually different states of consciousness... and how we can move from one to another.


The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind
When Julian Jaynes speculates that until late in the twentieth millennium b.c. men had no consciousness but were automatically obeying the voices of the gods, we are astounded but compelled to follow this remarkable thesis.