Heraldry Through the Ages
Symbols have distinguished friend from foe in warfare throughout recorded history. Organizations of the United States Air Force, like other military organizations, employ heraldic emblems as a means of identification and for esprit de corps.

Pictures of Andrist Family Shields
Several family shields are known to exist for the Andrist name. Not all branches have one; e.g., for Daerstetten there is no figure available. The Aeschi bei Spiez and the Boltigen shields have been registered in recent time by individuals.

The Meanings Behind the Symbols
Personalized Heraldry: Family Crests, Insignia, Blazons and Coats of Arms.

Eagle's Shield on the Great Seal of the United States
The shield design elegantly illustrates the motto E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One.

Free Heraldry Clipart
Very large collection of images arranged alphabetically.

Héraldique européenne
European heraldry - Free coats - Free pictures.

Image Galleries, The Heraldry Society of Scotland
The images galleries of the Society contain a variety of pictures of members arms, HSS events, historical images, heraldic art and various other photographs and drawings.

Symbols of Irish Heraldry Explained
The symbols of Irish Heraldry explained, Irish surnames explained, Irish Genealogy, Irish coats of arms, How to start the search for your Irish roots.

Gaelic Heraldry & Practice
There is a fair amount of confusion about the use and abuse of "coats of arms." The general rule in England and much of Europe is that a coat of arms can only belong to an individual, not to a family or clan.

Escutcheons of Science - Armorial of Scientists
Prominent Armigerous Scientists and Inventors, in Chronological Order.

Shields and Heraldic Devices
These images are transparent .gifs and should look okay with any background.