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Surface Station Model, Upper Air Station Model, Forecast Station Model, Map Symbols.
Weather Map Symbols   

Blissymbolics Dictionary - Weather
Comprehensive online dictionary of the Blissymbolics Language.

Weather Symbols clip art
Vector clip art online, royalty free & public domain.

Weather Symbols - EarthStorm
Symbols are used on many weather maps as shorthand for the conditions at weather observing stations.

Weather Graphics over the years - BBC
In parallel to the improvements to forecast data accuracy, the equipment used by the TV forecasters has also changed enormously from that used by George Cowling in 1954.
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Weather Room Lesson One - Weather Symbols
Why Are Weather Symbols Used? What Do Some Weather Symbols Look Like? Invent Your Own Weather Symbols.

Understanding the BBC Weather Symbols
The weather symbols used by the BBC Weather Centre are designed by their own team of graphic designers, and relate to all eventualities of meteorology.

NWS JetStream - Present Weather Symbols
Online resource for learning about the hows and why of weather. Includes lesson plans.

An Introduction to Weather Map Symbols and Terminology -
Most meteorologists drew weather maps by hand before the advent of computer generated maps.

Present Weather symbols - (PDFs)
Plots of station data may include one of the following symbols to represent the present weather. METARs may include more than one type of weather condition but only one icon ever gets plotted.

Weather Symbol Legend
A .GIF image with symbols for wind speed and direction, radar, fronts, rain, drizzle, snow, etc.

Interpreting Weather Symbols: scaffolding activity
In addition to temperature, dew point temperature, cloud cover, pressure and wind observations, a surface observation symbol also reports the current weather through the weather symbol. Conditions for clear skies, rain, snow and fog have appropriate symbols which are displayed as needed for each station report.