Behind-the-Name: Etymology and History of First Names
It is not known when humans first began using names though the practice is certainly very old, probably extending far into prehistory.

Some 18th and 19th Century American Nicknames
Nicknames matched with cooresponding Proper Names.

Asian Name Pronunciation Guide
Native speakers who were/are Cal Poly Pomona students provided all sound samples (in .wav format) for Cambodian, Cantonese, Mandarin, Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese names.

Name - wikipedia.org
The use of personal names is not unique to humans. Dolphins also use symbolic names, as has been shown by recent research. Individual dolphins have individual whistles, to which they will respond even when there is no other information to clarify which dolphin is being referred to.

The Hidden Meaning in Your Name - about.com
Could someone named Biff ever be president? Could a Gertrude ever become a prima ballerina? Does your name really play an integral part in who you are and what you will become?

Kabalarian Philosophy - Baby Names
The Kabalarian Philosophy teaches constructive living based on principles of right thinking, right breathing, and right eating which provide the key to understanding how to control life to bring into reality the happiness, mental freedom, and personal success that everyone seeks.

Names - Meaning of Names
Search Names, name meanings, etymology and history of names, surnames, cities and more.

Chinese Personal Names
Most Chinese today have only a surname (xng) and a given name (mngz), plus perhaps a nickname (chuho) or two.

Kanji Names Project: List of Names
Alphabetized list with a paragraph written about each name.


Baby Names

Unique Indian Baby Names with Meanings - anbutamil.com
Some unique names from Indian culture, especially those that likely originated from Tamil language - first language to be recognized as a Classical Language by The Government of India.

Over 51,000 (and growing) Names with Meanings, Origins, Popularity Graphs, Surveys, and more.

Baby Name Locator
Find the perfect baby name for your child by searching among 5400 popular, unique or unusual baby names and find their meanings, origins and similar names.

Popular Baby Names - Social Security Administration
The Social Security Administration published a brief study in 1998 on the distribution of given names of Social Security number holders.

Think! Baby Names
Here you will find thousands of baby names - from the most popular to the traditional to the highly unusual and unique, including hundreds that only recently have been coined or rediscovered.

Baby Names Meanings and Origins
Dictionary collection of baby names for help and recommendations naming your son or daughter.


Middle Eastern Names

Judaism 101: Jewish Names
Learn about Jewish names and naming customs, including surnames, given (first) names and Hebrew names. Some material here may be of interest to Jewish genealogists.

Jewish Surname History & Meanings
Learn about Jewish last name meanings, Jewish surname origins, etymology of Hebrew Last Names, and great genealogy help for you surname searches.

Iranian Girl and Boy Names with meanings
Afareen: Praise - also means to create, afsAneh: A fairy tale, afsar: Crown, afshAn: To sprinkle, afsoon: Charm - spell - bewitchment, aghigh: Name of a stone, Ahou/Ahoo: Deer, akhtar: Star - also name of a flower, and many more.

Feminine Arabic Names - sudairy.com
Arabic Names and Their Meanings.
Masculine Arabic Names   

Feminine Arabic Names - ummah.net
A long alphabetized list with meanings.
Masculine Arabic Names   


Other Kinds of Names

Geographic Names Information System (GNIS)
The Geographic Names Information System (GNIS), developed by the USGS in cooperation with the U.S. Board on Geographic Names (BGN), contains information for almost 2 million physical and cultural geographic features in the United States and its territories.

Aircraft Designation Systems
The first designation system was invented by the Air Service of the US Army in 1919.

International Plant Names Index
The International Plant Names Index (IPNI) is a database of the names and associated basic bibliographical details of all seed plants.

Worldwide Tropical Cyclone Names
Since 1953, Atlantic tropical storms have been named from lists originated by the National Hurricane Center. They are now maintained and updated by an international committee of the World Meteorological Organization.

Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names
A concise guide to technical terms and personal names often encountered in the study of philosophy, with links to sources of additional information.

A Tolkien Dictionary
The entries in this dictionary are mostly either Elvish, or one of the 'Mannish' tongues. There is a separate dictionary section for discussion of these Mannish terms under Hobbitry, although some discussion is included in this present list.


Your Name in Symbols

NOVA Online - The Vikings - Write Your Name in Runes
Get a Chinese Name
Your Name in Japanese
Write Your Name in Elvish in Ten Minutes
Your Name in Latin
How do I write my name in baybayin?