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Andy's Playing Cards
These pages discuss in depth most topics concerning playing cards, with a particular interest for their history, and the many patterns used in different countries, the obsolete ones as well as the varieties still used.

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How did playing cards get their names?
Today's playing cards got their names from a combination of names in Italian and French decks of cards.

Playing card - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
History and designs of playing cards.

History of Playing-Cards
The earliest authentic references to playing-cards in Europe date from 1377, but, despite their long history, it is only in recent decades that clues about their origins have begun to be understood.

Playing Cards: Suits
Information about playing card suits in Europe.

The Ancient Science of Cards
Based upon the theory of the esoteric meanings of playing cards, Metasymbology uses Playing Cards as a calendar of earth and a map of the stars for prediction and self-understanding.

Memorizing playing cards
It takes a bit of work and practice, but you can memorize playing cards. Instead of trying to remember "7 of spades," which is largely numerical; a picture "peg word" is assigned to the card -- and all other cards -- thus making the card easier to remember.

Playing Card Symbols
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Tarot -
The best known Tarot deck is the Rider-Waite-Smith deck. There are hundreds of others, but the images of the RWS Tarot are the ones which are instantly recognizable.

Sources of the Waite/Smith Tarot Symbols
The files in this series suggest sources for the detailed imagery in the 22 symbolic cards (Trumps plus Fool) of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

Symbol Meanings of the Tarot
Symbols surround us at every turn. They are messages from our higher selves and the Universe. A prime reason why the Tarot is such an effective divining tool is because it deals with the common ground of symbols and their meanings.

Mystic Eye Tarot Information
The earliest record of a deck of cards carrying tarot symbology can be traced back to Northern Italy, where for the first few centuries they were used as a parlor diversion called "Cartes de Trionfi".
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Other Games

Mah Jongg Symbolism
Tiles Overview, Symbolic Square of Mah Jongg, Colour Symbolism, Inverted Compass, The Wall, Mah Jongg as an Oracle, Bamboos, Circles, Wan, Winds, Dragons, Flowers, Seasons.