Symbols in the News

Bill Protecting Religious Symbols On War Memorials Passed
The War Memorial Protection Act, introduced by Reps. Brian Bilbray, Duncan D. Hunter and Darrell Issa, stemmed from a recent ruling by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals that declared the cross atop the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial unconstitutional.

In a TriBeCa Park, a Question of Law and a Religious Symbol
Is the sukkah merely a cultural symbol, or is it unmistakably religious in character? Does the government endorse its religious significance by allowing it to occupy a big chunk of a park when symbols of other faiths are not represented?

Costa Concordia captain: symbol of the era?
The Concordia captain's missteps and failure to take responsibility have spurred deeper discussion about a dearth of moral leaders.

The Costa Concordia: an all-purpose symbol for our times
Across Europe, people have shown the urge to use the stricken ship as a metaphor. Such musings help us negotiate the world.

Imperial symbols
The dragon is the symbol of imperial authority: the emperorís throne is referred to as the dragon throne, imperial robes are called dragon robes and the palaces and tombs of Chinese emperors boast dragon carvings and sculptures.

Occupy Boise tent city is a symbol, not a camp, protesters tell legislators
Members of Occupy Boise set up an encampment in Downtown Boise on Nov. 5, and now they’re fighting to keep it. Lawmakers are considering a bill that would make the encampment illegal.



United Nations Symbol Evolves
The United Nations charter and the preparatory commission document are inscribed with an emblem.,5902933&dq=symbol&hl=en

Symbol Of Hatred
The city thought of itself as a meeting place between East and West, as symbol of reunification and the great focal point...,4287392&dq=symbol&hl=en

Famous Art On Coins: Nefertiti
Behind the head in the field of the piece is the Egyptian cross Ankh, a symbol of everlasting love, life and happiness.,4394305&dq=symbol+ankh&hl=en