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Crescent and Star
Crescent and Star

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Ark Of Salvation
The historical relationship between the three western monotheistic faiths is not linear, but circular. Each one led inevitably to the next, and the last is entirely dependent upon the ongoing fulfillment of the prophecies of the first, now and forever.

Symbols of Islam -
Islamic symbols express an identification with Islam, or a particular tradition within Islam. They are also used to evoke feelings, or to stand for certain Islamic beliefs and ideas. Some symbols, such as the color green, have been associated with Islam for a long time and in many areas; others are of more limited duration and extent.
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Islamic flags
International flags for Islam, Evolution of Islamic flags, The Flag of Quraish, The Flag of Constantinople (Istanbul), The Flags of the Islamic Era, Crescent and star, and more.

Islamic Symbols -
Although this is a commercial site, you can view the Islamic wedding card symbols for free.

Discover The Different Symbols In Islam And What They Mean
Is there an official symbol in Islam? What are the different Islamic symbols? Can a color be an Islamic symbol?

Geometric Patterns in Islamic Art
Geometric patterns make up one of the three nonfigural types of decoration in Islamic art, which also include calligraphy and vegetal patterns.

Gallery of Persian & Middle Eastern Art
Mohammed's Night Journey to Heaven, Mohammed's Ascent to Heaven, Leaf from an Old Persian History, Fragments of an Illuminated Persian Manuscript - 17th century.

Symbolism of the Number Seven in Islamic Culture
Most cultures of the world hold certain numbers to be especially significant, even symbolic, and this is reflected in their religions. In the Abrahamic traditions, which originate in the Middle East, the number seven is of particular importance.