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Hobo Logo, National Hobo Convention
The Britt hobo logo was first used in the 1900 convention announcements and advertising. The figure used in the ad has been changed very little over the years and is now found around town on school letterheads, the city's watertower, on the highway welcome sign, as well as on restaurant menus.

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Hobo - wikipedia.org
Hobos generally apply the term hobo only to itinerant people who work. In contrast, they define a tramp as an itinerant person who does not work, and supports himself by other means e.g. begging, scavenging or theft.
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Hobo Symbols
Symbols used by American hobos during the 1920's and the 1930's from Liungman.

Want Wi-Fi? Learn the secret code
Seventy years ago, during the Great Depression in the United States, hobos drew signs to indicate to each other where they could get a meal. Now, across the Atlantic in London, geeks are talking about using a similar system of chalk symbols to signal where they can get a decent wireless Internet connection.

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