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Science Laboratory Safety Signs - about.com
Science labs, particularly chemistry labs, have a lot of safety signs. This is a collection of public domain images you can use to learn what the different symbols mean or to construct signs for your own lab.


Hazard symbol - wikipedia.org
Hazard symbols are recognizable symbols designed to warn about hazardous materials or locations. The use of hazard symbols is often regulated by law and directed by standards organizations. Hazard symbols may appear with different colors, backgrounds, borders and supplemental information in order to signify the type of hazard.
GHS hazard pictograms    Dangerous goods    Warning sign   


Biohazard Symbol History
Charles Baldwin, a retired environmental-health engineer, explains his role in developing the biohazard symbol, which is now showing up everywhere.


Sign Center
Safety Sign Authority since 1963. Specializing in SIGNS: Industrial Safety & Traffic Signs and Symbols, Stock Signs, Custom Sign Lettering and Silk-Screen printing.


SYMBOLS.com: Word Index: D
A dozen or so symbols for dangers of various kinds. Find information on more than 2,500 western signs.


Danger Signs/Symbols - Treasure Hunters University
To enlighten rock hounds, prospectors, treasure hunters and everyone else, who loves the outdoors, about the amazing monuments, trailmarkers, signs, symbols and 'Death Traps', that the Spanish, Indians and Mexicans left for us to see today.


Warning Sign Generator
The Warning Sign Generator is a fun way to generate your own warning signs.






Emergency Symbology - Homeland Security Working Group
Incidents, Natural Events, Operations, Infrastructures, Damage/Operational.


Pictogram System for Natural Disaster Reduction
Pictograms are graphical symbols used as icons and signs at such various public scenes as airports and stations. Appropriate pictograms at appropriate location could be a good educational tool for disaster reduction as well as a good directive tool at the time of emergency. As Otto Neurath wrote "Words divide, pictures unite", pictogram has been a successful international communication tool since 1930s.


Natural or Man-made Post-disaster Visualization
When disaster occurs, there normally is huge amount of data flowing into the control center and thus data fusion process is needed for efficient relief action, such as data visualization, situation awareness and decision making.




European Union


CHIP - List of symbols, abbreviations, risk and safety phrases
Obligation to disclose the chemical identities of hazardous chemicals on packaging labels and in safety data sheets.


Danger Symbols for Transport and Workplace Use
Labelling symbols used in the European Union, in European Economic Area and selected other countries. Symbols of the United Nations Committee for the Transport of Dangerous Goods.


Danger Symbols
Danger Symbols and explanations with other related resources.






Greenhouse Disaster Symbol
The greenhouse disaster glyph represents a shrinking Earth in the sense of a reduced area of habitability and carrying capacity. This is represented by the concentric green circles.


Greenhouse Disaster Symbol


Global Disaster Symbol
In the tradition of the biohazard and radioactive material symbols, this symbol is a 3 pronged abstraction based on a circle, on a yellow background to signify caution.






EPA - Radiation Symbols
The tri-foil is the international symbol for radiation. The symbol can be magenta or black, on a yellow background. This sign is posted where radioactive materials are handled, or where radiation-producing equipment is used.


Yucca Mountain Warning Sign
Concept and design by Yulia Hanansen.


Nuclear Waste Danger Warnings
Olso Conference Suggests that World Religions Carry Nuclear Waste Danger Warnings into the Far Future. "The danger symbols must be included in the set of holy symbols of each religion. The obligation to seek information and act upon it must be embodied in the central axioms. If the message could be given a form which was common to the world religions and which formed part of their rites and practices, one might hope that the message would survive and motivate people in a distant future."


Scientists creating Yucca warning signs to last 10,000 years
Scientists designing the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository must account for future changes in technology, climate and geology. But they're counting on one constant over the next 10,000 years: the way people express danger.


Future Be Warned: Keep Out!
The Department of Energy convened a conclave of scientists, linguists, anthropologists and sci-fi thinkers to develop an elaborate system intended to shout "Danger!" to any human being for the next 10,000 years -- regardless of what language they speak or technology they use.




Sarcastic, Humorous


Danger Symbols - The Book of Ratings*
Do Not Tip Or Rock, Biohazard, Radiation, Corrosive, Poison, Flammable, Explosive, Oxidizer, Lasers, Electric Shock.


Warning Signs for Tomorrow
All the truly cool transhuman technologies are going to require warning signs.