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Body Art - Pacific Arts Online
From head to toe, the body is the best canvas for Pacific art.

Chinese Names for Tattoos
To get your Chinese name based on your English name, with over 5000 names translated in GIF format.

Chinese Symbols Database - Chinese symbols for sports
American football, athlete, backfielder, badminton, baseball, basketball, brave fighter, break record, broad jump, bungee jumping, challenger, competition, cricket, dance, dancer, discipline, discus, dodge ball.

The Meanings Behind Common Tattoo Symbols and Designs -
Ancient Egyptian, West African and Native Indian Cultural Symbols.

Tattoo Meanings
The background, symbolism, and interpretation of tattoo designs.

Tattoo Links -
Cool Links to tattoo related sites. Tattoo bodyart photos, ancient tribal designs, quizzes, the web's biggest list of celebrity tattoos and more.



Free Henna Patterns
Henna Page artists have free henna patterns to inspire you.

Henna and the Moroccan Aesthetic
In the cave paintings of prehistoric humans of North Africa, we can see the beginnings of designs that reflected their daily lives as hunters and gathers. Likewise, early Berber images reflect aspects of their rural lives, connected to nature and the agrarian cycle.

Henna: Patterns Woven through Time
Moroccan culture is laden with symbolism and traditions from the past. Within this context of Moroccan culture is a ritual with over 5,000 years of history.