Isle of Man

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Flag of Isle of Man Flag of Isle of Man
Red with the Three Legs of Man emblem (Trinacria), in the center; the three legs are joined at the thigh and bent at the knee; in order to have the toes pointing clockwise on both sides of the flag, a two-sided emblem is used.

Part of the Norwegian Kingdom of the Hebrides until the 13th century when it was ceded to Scotland, the isle came under the British crown in 1765. Current concerns include reviving the almost extinct Manx Gaelic language. Isle of Man is a British crown dependency, but is not part of the UK. - CIA World Factbook.

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Isle of Man Coat of Arms Isle of Man Coat of Arms

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Peregrine Falcon, Raven, Motto, Flag, National Anthem, National Flower, etc.

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The many flags of the Isle of Man.

The Three Legs of Mann
A frequently asked question concerns the origins of the Three Legs of Mann design and how it came to be adopted as the national symbol of the Isle of Man.

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Description, Origin of the triskelion, the Legend of Mannanin, Civil ensign, Variant in 1848 text, Flag of Tynwald, Miscellaneous flags, Arms.

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Viking settlement on the Isle of Man began at the end of the eighth century. The Norse Kingdom of Mann and the Isles was created by Godred Crovan in 1079.