Republic of Macedonia

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Flag of the Republic of Macedonia Flag of the Republic of Macedonia
A yellow sun with eight broadening rays extending to the edges of the red field.

Macedonia gained its independence peacefully from Yugoslavia in 1991, but Greece's objection to the new state's use of what it considered a Hellenic name and symbols delayed international recognition, which occurred under the provisional designation of the "Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia." In 1995, Greece lifted a 20-month trade embargo and the two countries agreed to normalize relations, although differences over Macedonia's name remain. The undetermined status of neighboring Kosovo, implementation of the Framework Agreement - which ended the 2001 ethnic Albanian armed insurgency - and a weak economy continue to be challenges for Macedonia. - CIA World Factbook.

Map of Macedonia

The Symbols Of the Republic of Macedonia
The Coat of Arms of the Republic of Macedonia represents the sun of freedom rising above Macedonia.

Macedonia - Fotw
After the controversy with Greece, the flag was replaced in 1995 by the present one, called the "Macedonian Sun", again yellow on red.

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The lands governed by the Republic of Macedonia were previously the southernmost part of the Socialist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia.

Macedonia - U.S. Department of State
        Since the end of the Second World War, Macedonia's population has grown steadily, with the greatest increases occurring in the ethnic Albanian community. From 1953 through the time of the latest official census in 2002 (initial official results were released December 2003), the percentage of ethnic Albanians living in Macedonia rose threefold. The western part of the country, where most ethnic Albanians live, is the most heavily populated, with approximately 40% of the total population. As in many countries, people have moved into the cities in search of employment. Macedonia has also experienced sustained high rates of permanent or seasonal emigration.