Pushoma Message, Zia

Pushoma Message If you were a being composed of energy, not restricted to a rigid physical body, relative to yourself and those like you, you and they would feel solid, yet far more flexible than circus performers in the rigid physical world. The solar wind from our sun, to an energy being, might feel like water when traversing what we perceive to be the cold vacuum of outer space. Ancient perceptions of the sky thought it to be a firmament of water, a kind of Solar Sea. Ancient Egyptians believed the source of the Nile was in the sky.

The Zia, symbol of the sun, with four groups of three lines radiating out from the circle, sets the stage for the message, all dimensions radiating out of unity.

The horizontal line with short vertical lines at the bottom of the message, though actually ogham, would also appear to represent numbers in a non-abstract form: 2134/314. This part of the message gets you thinking in terms of the number sequence, 1-2-3-4, so that you will see those patterns in the symbols.

The wavy line is the Unity of the Solar Sea. All spiritual beings live there. The crescent has 2 points, the triangle has 3 points, and the four pointed star completes the progression.

tetractys Pythagoras perceived that all the dimensions of reality proceed out of Unity, the top point of the tetractys on the left. Leaving Unity, the dimensions extend out into space, thus evolving a Vehicle for the Spirit. Then Developing Consciousness returns to Unity completing a circuit of continuous flow which both maintains the Vehicle and keeps it in communion with the Great Spirit which is the Solar Sea. We are waves in that Sea. But the Greeks and the rest of us became fascinated and obsessed with numbers and letters, and their ability to make us powerful in our own right. The progression out of Unity was taken too far and became fragmentation, which can only hold together by rigid forms, bodies. This made possible an adventure outside of the Unity. Pythagoras and his group believed the tetractys to be the Key to the Universe. It could be a key, but not THE key. The obsession with numbers and letters became an obsession with abstraction leading to loss of meaning and Self.

On one hand, bring a thumb and finger together. The point of contact represents Unity with no extension in space. Now move the finger and thumb apart imagining a thread connects them, this is a line, the first extension into space. Next, twist the wrist while imagining the line twirling like an axis or diameter of a circle. The second dimension of extension into space. If you twirl this line at different angles you get a sphere, three dimensions. Outer and inner space is filled with spheres.

Joan Ocean and Sasquatch
Did you know that Sasquatch can: Read, Write, Shape-shift, Project Their Voice, Create Infrasound that affects the environment, De-materialize at will, or cause you to have an experience of lost time so you think they de-materialized.

Zia - wikipedia.org
The Zia Indians of New Mexico regard the Sun as a sacred symbol. Their symbol, a red circle with groups of rays pointing in four directions, is painted on ceremonial vases, drawn on the ground around campfires, and used to introduce newborns to the Sun.