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Symbols.Net Logo The meaning of the Symbols.Net logo begins with a capital A slanted to the left to represent a slightly slanted view of the world.

Then, combining this with the stargate symbol: StarGate Symbol slanted to the right and down a bit implies down to earth aspiration as opposed to the usual way of thinking of aspiration as an upward movement. Nature approaching perfection.

Also, since the capital A slants one way and the stargate aspiration symbol slants the other way, this implies the Tension of Opposites which Joseph Campbell used to talk about. All of reality is or arises from a tension of opposites. Enlightenment resolves or harmonizes the tension.

Capped volcano and Active Volcano
Do you remember the "chopped off mountain" sculpture Richard Dreyfus' charactor was obsessed with in Close Encounters of the Third Kind? It resembles an inactive volcano, you might say "a dead one". Volcanoes have a way of coming back to life. Do you also see the resemblance of the dead volcano to the symbol on the dollar? The dollar symbol means Nature is an incomplete work. Incomplete works must vent if they can't yet ascend. We are incomplete.

Now I'm not trying to get you to believe in UFOs or anything like that. Please don't. And don't get into Masonic symbolism either, it is flawed. For example, the little triangle (all seeing eye) above the incomplete pyramid on the dollar should be a circle (to represent eternity). There are forces and energies we will never comprehend, not scientifically anyway. And they are higher and deeper than anything we can see or touch.

Science will never unify the 4 fundamental forces in Physics. Nature has reserved that for other disciplines to achieve. The unifying heart of the universe acts like the opposable thumb on each of our hands. It enables the fingers to come together and be useful, but deeper knowledge (like the wrist) reveals the pre-existing harmony, thus no unifying is needed. Leonard Cohen's song "Take this Waltz" feels like it speaks to the transcendent realities of the unifying Heart when it speaks of "the Pools that you Lift on your Wrists". The Pulse of the Heart is taken at the wrist. Unifying Heart

Visual Age Now that we've entered the visual age, this Unifying Heart of the Cosmos will become increasingly available to us, for our edification, healing and happiness, but it will be forever unavailable to scientific scrutiny. Eye in Hand

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