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Two problems have plagued the original Blissymbolics since its inception:
1. The symbols appear very abstract to the uninitiated.
2. Sentences are difficult to format because of indicators above symbols.

And a couple of criticisms have stuck, without sufficient rebuttal:
1. Bliss has no native grammar and syntax, it borrows these from natural languages.
2. Bliss has insufficient vocabulary for expressing all that natural languages can.

Hand Writing

Nonlinear Bliss turns these problems and criticisms on their heads, revealing the opposite to be true.

If you've read some of the pages here at SuttonGlyphs, then you know I've chosen to begin displaying a nonlinear form of blissymbolics with glyphs in different colors and sizes, arranged more like diagrams than sentences.

But what you have not yet seen is my unpublished work in this direction. Frankly, I must say, I've knocked my own socks off my own feet. The level and depth of expression with this new approach has gone beyond my wildest dreams. Concepts expressible only obscurely by natural language achieve rich transparency in nonlinear Bliss. The following is not even the tip of the iceberg.

Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in Nonlinear Blissymbolics
Nonlinear Bliss could express to a 3rd grader something college science students struggle with: the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. In fact, 20th century popularizers of science so bungled the teaching of this, that popular understanding of physics is now riddled with mysticisms and magical superstitions.

The diagram above, in nonlinear Bliss, shows a particle of light hitting a subatomic particle, diverting it you know not where. This is more than a diagram though, because it is composed of linguistic elements which can be used consistently across all disciplines of knowledge. If only Bliss had been taught to the young who grew up to be popularizers of science, then maybe they wouldn't be writing nonsense to the effect that "if you don't know where a particle is, then it must not actually have a location". Even some science textbooks now teach this nonsense, and millions of dollars are wasted researching absurdities.

It should be obvious to any visual thinker that subatomic reality is not a statistical limbo just waiting for us to look at it so it can become real. The heisenberg uncertainty principle reveals a limitation on our ability to know about the small things in our universe, but it does not say the small things are uncertain by nature.

Natural language has turned Quantum Physics into mysticism for most people because the current written natural languages are now obsolete for the Age we are entering. We have reached a stage in our human evolution where the revelations of science cannot be expressed by natural languages. Nonlinear Bliss makes easy and clear what natural languages make difficult and wordy or even unexpressible.

How many of your friends comprehend Einstein's General Theory of Relativity and could actually discuss whether it might be wrong? A student taught nonlinear Bliss in 1st and 2nd grade could probably engage in this discussion by 5th grade. We are not just talking here about a couple simple diagrams clearing up one or two concepts. Nonlinear Bliss could become a systematically integrated method of thinking and expressing that would clear the cobwebs out of every science, every brain, perhaps even exploring spiritual concepts in a sensable way.

Curvature of Space around the Earth in nonlinear Blissymbolics
The Curvature of Space around the Earth could be introduced to children in very simple terms in nonlinear Blissymbolics. Then they could discuss whether there is actually something physical which is curved or whether this is just geometry in someone's mind.

Now on to politics which can lead real people to war...

If all people learned Blissymbolics from early childhood, they would be able to diagram the concepts of war creatively to be sure they grasp what war really is, and what each proposed war is really about. It is clear in nonlinear Bliss who makes the sacrifices and who does not.

Nonlinear Bliss diagrams like this could also display the geopolitical issues and arguments in concrete visual relationships with each other, showing who the actual winners and losers in the conflict will be.