Agnus Dei, Lamb of God Symbol

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Lamb of God -
Although in Christian teachings, Lamb of God refers to Jesus Christ in his role of the perfect sacrificial offering, specific Christological arguments disassociate it from the Old Testament concept of a "scape goat" which is subjected to punishment for the sins of others, without knowing it or willing it.

Agnus Dei Artwork and Paintings
The Agnus Dei or Lamb of God symbol, typically shows a lamb, holding a cross or a flag. The Agnus Dei probably goes back to 5th century Rome.

Agnus Dei Postures
The Agnus Dei (Latin for "Lamb of God") may appear in several postures. Seated on a book with seven seals, it represents the final judgment when Christ returns in glory.

Agnus Dei
In Christian symbolism, the lamb represents Jesus, "the Lamb of God" (Agnus Dei).